Parks and Gardens

If I were to name one place to visit in Stockholm, Sweden it would be this. If I were to choose one place, period, it would be this. I love everything about it and everything in it. I love it in the winter and I love it in the summer. I love it when it shines and I love it when it pours.

The famous Bergianska Trädgården in Stockholm, Sweden.

Viherpaja shop in Vantaa, Finland.
Photos taken in April / May 2008 in their beautiful Japanese Garden.

Eija's Garden
Eija Klaucke's home and garden and nursery located in Ahvenkoski, Finland. Photos taken on the opening day!

Arboretum Mustila
Located in Elimäki, Finland; hosting botanical treasures from all over the world many of which you wouldn't expect to see so near the Arctic Circle.

Private Gardens
Thank you Nina, Kibuvitsi, Krista, Paula, Kyllikki and Erkki, Linnea and Moonflower for opening Your gardens to me.
Also - some photos of my own garden.
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