Hippeastrum bulbs, other bulbs and seeds: EXOTIC GARDEN (Finland only)
Wonderful selection of Hippeastrum, probably the best in Finland. Bulbs are of superior quality and they are the real thing, no mislabels so far.
Customer service is superb, the best there is.
Postage is handled super fast and the costs are reasonable, thank you Exotic Garden.
Hippeastrum and other bulbs and tubers: EUROBULB
Wide range of Hippeastrum varieties, also some exclusives.
Very healthy and large bulbs and no mislabels so far.
Although the shipping costs may be a bit higher compared to some the prices of the bulbs are reasonable.
Hippeastrum: ROYAL COLORS
Hippeastrums only. Always an interesting array of varieties; worth checking every now and then, some new and interesting ones might come available midst of the season. Some real treats here...
Hippeastrums' (and other South American plants') seeds: MAURO PEIXOTO, BRAZILPLANTS
Seeds of Hippeastrum species and their intergeneric hybrids; also of other Brazilian and South American genera.

Updated regularly, approx. once a month. Be sure to check the list even inbetween. Some of the rarer and/or in higher demand sell out fast.

Mr. Peixoto is incredibly friendly and customer-oriented. Delivery is prompt and the seeds arrive in top condition. Germination is quaranteed; anything below 100% is a fault of mine, not Mauro's.
Fantastic selection of bulbs and tubers; remember to check the heirloom tulips and daffodils also.
Friendly and helpful staff and excellent customer service.
Wide selection of perennials and Hemerocallis in special. Here You can find some real treats that are hard to find anywhere else.
The products and customer service are excellent. Shopping at Jennifer's is a joy always.

Impressive and interesting selection of seeds from all over the world, for beginners, serious hobbyists and professionals alike. Species only. Online-shopping made easy, orders handled effectively and fast. Top quality products and service.
Perennials: Staudengärtnerei Gaissmayer, Germany
My all-time favourite!! Garden perennials, herbs etc. An absolutely wonderful site and top quality products & service.
Lilies: Lilijas, Latvia
Interesting and fascinating lilies bred and grown in Latvia! Very friendly and helpful staff - Hi David! :D - and quick service. Products are packed really well and arrive in super condition. Bulbs are first class in size and health.
Note! Be sure to check the seedlings too!
Orchids: Wichmann, Germany
Legendary German orchid nursery. From here you can get some real treats. Plants are incredibly well packed and arrive in super condition. Top quality service and plants.
Orchids: Rosenheimer, Germany
A unique choice of orchids, mainly species. A very friendly, helpful and efficient staff, top quality service and plants.
Orchids: 123greetings
E-cards, info and home pages
Roses: Rosenposten, Denmark
A Danish nursery specialising in roses. Wonderful variety of roses both old and new and a very warm, helpful staff, top quality products and service.
Roses: Schultheis, Germany
A rose nursery with a tradition. An outstanding selection of roses.
Photography: ePHOTOzine
Everything about photography! Reviews, tips, news, forums and photo galleries
Photography: DPR - Pentax SLR Talk
The hottest rumours and hype with rock-solid facts. Be there - everyone else is!